Transform Your Existing Kitchen 

We at AK Painting and Maintenance know how to transform your existing kitchen into a new-look modern kitchen that looks fantastic, has a long lasting durable finish and is only a fraction of the cost of a new one. It’s our attention to detail, high standard of professional workmanship and the quality of paint products we use that ensures you will be delighted with the finished product. 

We are confident you will love your new refurbished kitchen but see for yourself what we can do 


See the fantastic results with a Respray  


Four Step Process to a beautiful Kitchen  

Step One The Planning 

You choose the colour and finish for your kitchen. 
If you want to replace the cupboard and door handles with new ones, now is the good time to decide, we need to drill new holes fill old ones etc. 
Agree any additional work you need done such as new splashback tiles, taps or worktops and general household repairs – this may also be a good time to get the kitchen painted. 

Step Two The Preparation 

We remove all handles, hooks and knobs from your kitchen cupboards, draws, doors and presses 
Degrease the kitchen furniture to be painted and surrounds with a specialist industrial degreasing agent 
We remove your doors, drawer fronts and any easily removable items and take them to our workshop to be professionally re-sprayed 
All surfaces to be painted are sanded down with an industrial dust extracting sander to ensure there are no dust particles in the air that will contaminate the new paint as it is sprayed on. 
The Kitchen is wrapped from top to bottom with floor and wall coverings to ensure all surface are protected with only the areas to be painted left exposed. 

Step Three The Spray Painting 

At our workshop we start the spray painting process 
We apply a specialised primer at all surface areas to be painted 
After the primer the topcoat is applied 3 coats of polyurethane and 2 part paint 
We then start work on the rest of your kitchen in situ within your home, the door frames, surrounds and boards. 
Paint is left to dry for a couple of hours 
The Kitchen is left to air out 

Step Four The Finish 

We reassemble your kitchen with all the new fittings and door furniture and re-hang any doors that were removed during the spray painting process 
We meticulously go over all the surfaces and touch up anywhere it’s required 
And Finally – The Deep Clean, so your Kitchen looks showroom clean and we take all the rubbish away with us. We are so proud of our work we may ask to take some souvenir snaps to show others what amazing results a kitchen respray can achieve 

5 Year Guarantee 

'All the services that we provide are covered under our 5 year extensive guarantee' 

Colour & Paint  

We choose NAA as our supply partner for all our paint products. NAA have been distributing woodcoatings for nearly 20 years. In that time NAA have built up a comprehensive catalogue of products that ensure we get the finest quality paint products that deliver exceptional results time and time again. 
They have built up a colour bank of several thousand colour matches of leading colour designs and ranges which means they can match any colour you choose. 


Every colour is available in Pre-cat, Acid Cured, PU, Waterbased, Fire Retardent & UV. 
We use paint products manufactured by 
Polyurethane coatings are particularly recommended for application to surfaces subject to high levels of wear-and-tear, where excellent chemical/physical resistance is required. 
ACRYLIC COATINGS are particularly suitable for the coating of light-colored woods, woods that have been chemically bleached, woods with open-pore coating and for coating cycles where the requested characteristics are transparency. 
ICA SpA specialises in the formulation and manufacture of special coatings for wood. The range of paint products are used in all manner of woodworking projects from boatyards to external structures, frames and shutters to garden furniture, wooden flooring to musical instruments and is widely recommended by interior designers and carpenters. 


We use Rubio Monocoat Oil to protect the wood and get a fantastic long lasting finish its: 
Durable colour and protection of the wood in one single layer 
The first and only oil in the world that doesn’t contain VOCs or water 
Very easy to apply and maintain 
Can be applied to all types of wood 
A great selection of 40 standard colours to choose from 

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Minimum of fuss at a reasonable rate 

"I am pleased to recommend Alan and AK Painting to anyone looking to refurbish their home or kitchen. I recently had my kitchen resprayed by Alan, he came out, priced up the job and in no time at all I had a kitchen looking like new. Fantastic job!" 
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